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Apocalypse Cow

A cinematic arcade adventure coming to PC & Xbox One

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Psychological exploration thriller coming for PC & Consoles

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Announcing Apocalypse Cow for Xbox One

Apocalypse Cow will be coming to Xbox One, becoming our first console game! Xbox One will be a perfect fit, allowing you to embark on a cinematic adventure on your TV. Microsoft will showcase Apocalypse Cow at the GDC Loft event. If you're at SF this week, stop by!!

Passionately imagining new worlds.

Hello, we are Monsters, an indie game development studio. We love telling stories and we absolutely love games. We've been dreaming up of creating our own game worlds forever. This is the beggining of our journey.

We make narrative driven games with strong characters leading the experience, trying to open windows to strange new worlds. Worlds that sometimes make more sense than our own...

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