An Update on Hybris

in Hybris DevBlog, posted on November 5, 2014

We have neglected Hybris as we are focused on wrapping up the production of Apocalypse Cow. But Hybris also had its most important development this past year. A genre defining development in fact.

Kevins House Render Test from the opening scene

From the opening scene of Hybris

You see, the environment was always immersive; both visually and aurally. It perfectly communicated the feelings we wanted. But the sidescrolling platform gameplay didn't feel exactly right. It didn't meet our extremely high bar of expectations. In time it became obvious… we had to unlock the third dimension.

And when we did, the game flourished. Hybris is now a 3rd person game. You are literally lost and alone in its world, a combination of exploration and puzzle-solving in a menacing environment. And now, it just feels right.

Hybris is shaping up to be an amazing experience, I dare say in the same vein as Journey, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. We are extremely proud to be the development team behind it.

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