Teasing the Apocalypse Cow Cosplay feature

in Apocalypse Cow DevBlog, posted on January 23, 2015

It feels forever since we last talked about Apocalypse Cow, partly because it's exactly how long it has been (scientifically speaking).

Finishing a game is no piece of cake, let me tell you. While developing, you often say "okay, this sort of works so let's move on and we'll finalize it later". Apparently we said that a lot! But it is slowly getting under control, thank god.

To celebrate I decided to let you in on a semi-hidden feature, the cos-play. You see, Penny, our leading girl (who I feel you will perfectly embody) is a core gamer. She is also a pop culture fanatic. A Comic Con aficionado. A badass nerd (with a gun)! And she loves costumes, which you can unlock via quests/achievements!

apocalypse Cow Achievements Screen

Part of the achievement system screen. You'll get used to it!

The achievement system is pretty straight-forward but in a complex way. There are the regular achievements which are level specific. Then we have the Epic Quests. Quests that transcend levels and require the perfect amount of effort. These are the ones that give you a new costume when completed. Introducing the first one, The Crazy Dragonlady!

Apocalypse Cow crazy dragonlady costume skin

Now between bloodbaths you get to dress up like a little girl. Talk about dreams coming true!! Make sure to leave us a comment if you have cool ideas for other costumes!

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