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Announcing Apocalypse Cow for Xbox One

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date March 18, 2018

Announcing Apocalypse Cow for Xbox One



Alex with the Minister of Telecommunications

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date November 2, 2017

Last weekend we were at the Athens Games Festival, showing off Apocalypse Cow. We had a very busy booth and even though it exhausted us we really enjoyed the event. Plus it gave us the opportunity to see Alex, our animator, trying to explain Apocalypse Cow to our Minister of Telecommunications while behind him people beheaded enemies. Priceless!


Athens Games Festival - Nikos Pappas with Monsters



Apocalypse Cow Cover Art

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date May 31, 2017

So, it's official. The cover for Apocalypse Cow is ready! What a time to be alive!! We hope it communicates an invitation to a buddy adventure, in a damaged, digital world.



Guests at TV Show USERS

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date June 13, 2016

Last weekend we were honored to be invited on the show USERS. It is a new show focused on all things gaming. We were there to talk about Monsters, the state of Apocalypse Cow and our future plans. Check it out but be warned, it might sound Greek to you!



We won Strasbourg Festival!

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date September 30, 2015

Winner of Strasbourg Festival


September was a very good month and it ended in the best possible way. We were already one of the official selections for the Strasbourg Festival 2015 (which was humbling to say the least) but we were recently informed that our game was the winner of this wonderful event! The Octopix award is ours! Jaw, meet the floor. A big hurrah for Penny and our evil cow for making it possible! Well done sprites, well done!



Strasbourg Festival Official Selection

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date September 11, 2015

Apocalypse Cow is a Finalist in the Strasbourg Film Festival

Apocalypse Cow is a Finalist in the 2015 Strasbourg European Film Festival! The Festival takes place from 18 to 27 September at Le Shadok, in Strasbourg France. Apocalypse Cow, being an official selection, will have a playable demo for the duration of the festival. If you are there during that week be sure to try it out!



Teasing the Apocalypse Cow Cosplay feature

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date January 23, 2015

It feels forever since we last talked about Apocalypse Cow, partly because it's exactly how long it has been (scientifically speaking).

Finishing a game is no piece of cake, let me tell you. While developing, you often say "okay, this sort of works so let's move on and we'll finalize it later". Apparently we said that a lot! But it is slowly getting under control, thank god.

To celebrate I decided to let you in on a semi-hidden feature, the cos-play. You see, Penny, our leading girl (who I feel you will perfectly embody) is a core gamer. She is also a pop culture fanatic. A Comic Con aficionado. A badass nerd (with a gun)! And she loves costumes, which you can unlock via quests/achievements!

apocalypse Cow Achievements Screen

Part of the achievement system screen. You'll get used to it!

The achievement system is pretty straight-forward but in a complex way. There are the regular achievements which are level specific. Then we have the Epic Quests. Quests that transcend levels and require the perfect amount of effort. These are the ones that give you a new costume when completed. Introducing the first one, The Crazy Dragonlady!

Apocalypse Cow crazy dragonlady costume skin

Now between bloodbaths you get to dress up like a little girl. Talk about dreams coming true!! Make sure to leave us a comment if you have cool ideas for other costumes!



The core gameplay ability of Apocalypse Cow

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date November 12, 2014

The core gameplay of Apocalypse Cow is pretty much centered around an awesome ability that results in some pretty cool stuff. For now we are calling it Quicksilver Ability but that might change.

Slow the world down, outrun bullets, tip the tides and overcome the world's fiercest mushroom mob army. It's serious business.




Apocalypse Cow is GreenLit!

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date October 31, 2014



A Cow's GD Roadmap: Tuning the AI

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date September 12, 2014

While developing a game I have the habit of recording gameplay to watch it at the end of the day. It is a way to see if the game is shaping up according to vision, because it's easy to lose focus.

I just found some older footage and it might be the nostalgia factor but here is Apocalypse Cow in the second month of development. Having just written the basis of the AI, experimenting with bullet speeds, AI attributes and controls.


Penny AI Tweaks


As you can see mobs already avoid bullets and predict when to shoot to kill you, even mid-air. Mobs' dexterity determines if it can avoid a bullet. The goal is to make enemies I can barely defeat but without feeling the game is cheating me. We are also constantly tweaking the physics of Penny to match the gameplay. Let me tell you, a ton of blood was spilled on this battleground, testing again and again and again an... okay you get the point!


Penny AI Tweaks


Mobs ended up being a bit too effective. We are making a skill demanding game but this was too much; we needed to even up the odds. So we moved the player from a one-hit death to a hit point system. This gave us wonderful versatility. The player can level up the stats to withstand more punishment. Skirmishes turn into wars. Some mobs can still one-hit kill you and since they are not the norm, they stand out and make for really fierce enemies.


This gave us wonderful versatility. The player can level up Penny's stats to withstand more punishment. Skirmishes turn into wars.  Some mobs can still one-hit kill you and since they are not the norm, they stand out and make for really fierce enemies.


Penny AI Tweaks


It took countless tweaks but the battles in Apocalypse Cow are challenging, interesting, full of surprises and above all, they are fair.


Apocalypse Cow on Steam


What would you like us to talk about next time? Particles, graphics, level design? Let us know in the comments or via email on play@monstersarehere.com. And don't forget to vote for us on Greenlight if you haven't done so already!