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Announcing Apocalypse Cow for Xbox One

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date March 18, 2018

Announcing Apocalypse Cow for Xbox One



Alex with the Minister of Telecommunications

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date November 2, 2017

Last weekend we were at the Athens Games Festival, showing off Apocalypse Cow. We had a very busy booth and even though it exhausted us we really enjoyed the event. Plus it gave us the opportunity to see Alex, our animator, trying to explain Apocalypse Cow to our Minister of Telecommunications while behind him people beheaded enemies. Priceless!


Athens Games Festival - Nikos Pappas with Monsters



Binary Life #7: The thing with profit sharing...

Binary Life | Date August 23, 2017



Binary Life #5: SuperCoder

Binary Life | Date July 26, 2017



Binary Life #4: Another Day

Binary Life | Date July 19, 2017



Binary Life #3: Dating

Binary Life | Date July 14, 2017



Binary Life #2: Feedback Pro

Binary Life | Date July 6, 2017



Binary Life #1: Glorious Start

Binary Life | Date June 28, 2017



Apocalypse Cow Cover Art

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date May 31, 2017

So, it's official. The cover for Apocalypse Cow is ready! What a time to be alive!! We hope it communicates an invitation to a buddy adventure, in a damaged, digital world.



The coveted Monsters Awards are here!

Life at Monsters Blog | Date January 17, 2017

Monsters GotY Awards

2016 was a great year for games. We loved many. We played even more. And we decided to let you know which games rocked our world. These are the favorite games for each Monster Dev. Opinions are personal.

Final Fantasy 15 - Alex Maniotis, Animator
One of the best open world experiences also has the most awesome choreography of 2016! Honorable mentions to Halo 5, Firewatch, The Last Guardian, Dark Souls 3 and many others.

INSIDE – John Koumoundouros, Game Designer
There's love and polish in every single detail. A visual and audial masterpiece that kept me captivated from start to end.

Apocalypse Cow – Elias Koumoundouros, Programmer
Easy pick! The brilliant level design and superb action of Apocalypse Cow rocked my world!

Uncharted 4 – Michael Georgoulopoulos
Awesome storytelling and superb cinematic feeling. Alex told me to love it!

Ori Definitive Edition - Alvaro Vera Torres, Illustrator
I played the definitive edition that came out this year, the graphics are simply phenomenal.

The Witness – Asimakis Reppas, Sound Designer
I've been waiting for it since I played Braid! Thank you Jonathan! It is finally here!!!