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Report from the Trenches

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date December 29, 2020

Hello dear fan! I know you have questions. Let’s get the most obvious thing out of the way:

Τhe game is NOT canceled. We’re still working on it exclusively and full time. And yes, we are as shocked as you that we haven’t finished the game yet! 

The project we’re making is different from what we started with. It was a cool, fun little platformer. We’ve expanded that to a beautiful metroidvania with an immersive world to explore. I guess building a universe takes time, especially when you're both inexperienced and trying to create something awesome.


Work in progress screenshot without vfx and post-processing.

Regarding the radio silence, it was simply easier. The game still has a ways to go, we're facing many difficult decisions and I was focusing exclusively on them and my team. But this isn't good enough.

My new year’s resolution is to write up a small update at the end of every month, even if it’s just a short sentence telling you we’re alive. Oh, and maybe get the project closer to the finish line. We'd like that!

You see, the game we’re making right now is our dream project. I know we’ll have to work hard to win back your attention but I believe the game will do it for us.

Thank you for your awesome patience. I wish you're safe and happy, wherever you are!  

John K - Game Developer



Status Update #1: Story is Dan

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date January 18, 2019

In case the "#1" in the title wasn't indicative enough, this is the first in a series of blog posts, its ingenius purpose: maintaining your interest in Apocalypse Cow. Devious!

A few months ago, in a moment of complete craziness we decided to follow an amazing idea and started a complete story rewrite, which obviously halted production and pushed the release date to 2019.

We recently hit a very important milestone. The story rewrite is 100% done!!!

I don't want to give out any spoilers but it is an epic storyline that plays out through several years!

In the process of creating the story we wrote lore going back millennia (which we might release as a short story or comic before launch), we designed many new characters and even created a written and spoken language, complete with phonology and grammar rules!

These days Alex is trying out ideas for the various new weapons, boss fights and abilities that we're adding to the game. Elias is working on optimizing performance and John is writing the script/dialogues for our voice actors.

We're also bringing in a great concept artist to enrich the worlds with the lore, for that sweet environmental storytelling!

Keep your faith in us and in Apocalypse Cow. I know the delay has been substantial but the game is becoming something very unique and interesting. It will be worth the wait.



Announcing Apocalypse Cow for Xbox One

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date March 18, 2018

Announcing Apocalypse Cow for Xbox One



Alex with the Minister of Telecommunications

Apocalypse Cow DevBlog | Date November 2, 2017

Last weekend we were at the Athens Games Festival, showing off Apocalypse Cow. We had a very busy booth and even though it exhausted us we really enjoyed the event. Plus it gave us the opportunity to see Alex, our animator, trying to explain Apocalypse Cow to our Minister of Telecommunications while behind him people beheaded enemies. Priceless!


Athens Games Festival - Nikos Pappas with Monsters



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