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Strasbourg Film Festival Finalist

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Apocalypse Cow Cover Art

May 31, 2017

So, it's official. The cover for Apocalypse Cow is ready! What a time to be alive!! We hope it communicates an invitation to a buddy adventure, in a damaged, digital world.

Guests at TV Show USERS

June 13, 2016

Last weekend we were honored to be invited on the show USERS. It is a new show focused on all things gaming. We were there to talk about Monsters, the state of Apocalypse Cow and our future plans. Check it out but be warned, it might sound Greek to you: https://youtu.be/E3UhV_GePhU?t=42m37s

We won Strasbourg Festival!

September 30, 2015

September was a very good month and it ended in the best possible way. We were already one of the official selections for the Strasbourg Festival 2015 (which was humbling to say the least) but we were recently informed that our game was the winner of this wonderful event! The Octopix award is ours! Jaw, meet the floor. A big hurrah for Penny and our evil cow for making it possible! Well done sprites, well done!

Strasbourg Festival Official Selection

September 11, 2015

Apocalypse Cow is a Finalist in the 2015 Strasbourg European Film Festival! The Festival takes place from 18 to 27 September at the Shadok, in Strasbourg. Apocalypse Cow, being an official selection, will have a playable demo for the duration of the festival. If you are there be sure to try it out!

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a cinematic arcade platformer

CandyWorld. Once a digital world of happiness and unicorns is now a violent, thug infested hell-hole.

In this changed and dangerous world a little girl (that should really get on Prozac), embarks on a journey to find her friend's giant robotic cow and learns the true meaning of friendship and family.

It's Pixar, as if directed by Tarantino!


Apocalypse Cow is a narrative driven action comedy. It's an explosive platformer that borrows modern storytelling from games like Bioshock and Tomb Raider and combines it with the intensity of action that only an arcade game can provide.

Apocalypse Cow gameplay snippet

Penny is a young GameWalker with the ability to freeze time. You will use this ability to face armies alone and survive bullets, rockets, lasers and bad jokes. You will blow-up walls and jump on the debris before they hit the ground. Or you will walk through explosions like a badass poser.

omg wtf, it's hardcore

Apocalypse Cow will have you stare in awe at your fingers, unable to believe that you decimated an entire army burning only 0.001 calories. Intense Action! And not only that:

  • Freeze Time around you
  • Unlock the coolest costumes EVER
  • Unleash hell using katanas, assault rifles, Thor's hammer and more!
  • Local Co-Op - beat the story with a friend! And also kill him...

Your actions will shape events that will define worlds, galaxies, dimensions and possibly the fate of cat videos. The game is hardcore*. It is difficult. But there is no penalty for death... except your pride. Because we have a death counter and we'll rub it in your face!!

* A granny difficulty mode is available to make things easier if there's too much awesomeness for you.

"The graphic fidelity is out of the world, pushing technological barriers further than anything I ever expected possible."
- random dude seeing a video game for his first time

In the shell of the nut

Death, decay, brutal murders and other fun stuff await us in our adventure. What are you waiting for? Buy the game already! Jeez, it's only the price of a slightly expensive coffee... do you really need to go out and meet people when you can play this much cooler game?
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"Penny is an explosive action platform game that will have you rofling so hard, everything else in life will just be a dull lol."
- the development team, completely biased opinion

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