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a psychological exploration puzzle thriller

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An Update on Hybris

We have neglected Hybris as we are focused on wrapping up the production of the recently greenlit Apocalypse Cow. But Hybris also had its most important development this past year. A genre defining development in fact!

Can you survive the night when darkness gazes deep into your soul? Can the world survive this night?

Welcome to the Grove.

You are Kevin, a teenager growing up in the outskirts of the Grove. You are living a solitary and difficult life - you have felt alone for as long as you can remember. Your parents are fighting once again so you escape to your favorite spot up the hill to find some peace. When you witness a light filling up the sky you know that your world will never be the same again.

To survive in Hybris you have to lose yourself in its world to be able to navigate the dangerous environment and find the solution to puzzles using all of your senses. Hybris is an exercise in silent storytelling following the tradition of great games like Another World, Ico and Journey and its dark setting will haunt your thoughts long after you have finished it.

Hybris will be a single player experience available on PC and (unannounced) Consoles. The production of Hybris is currently halted as we're finishing the work on Apocalypse Cow and will be picked up again after its release.

Sorry for the delay, we're a small team and didn't want to compromise its quality.


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