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Illustrator/Environment Artist   (Feb 2017)

We are on the hunt for a full time illustrator able to work in the exact art style of Apocalypse Cow.

The main focus will be on the environments, creating immersive worlds that have their own history and meaning, as well as visuals so stunning that will bring tears of awe in your eyes.


Required skills include:

  • Ability to adapt 100% to Apocalypse Cow's current illustration style
  • A good sense of lighting rendering and how lighting can change a scene
  • Deep understanding of color theory, color harmonies and art direction
  • Experience with Unity 5 and game production pipeline, from concept to asset management
  • Being a good communicator with a positive attitude

Applications to work remotely are accepted if you prefer to work in your pajamas. We are not here to judge!

Please apply with a cover letter and a link to your portfolio

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Marketeer   (Ongoing)

We need a hero. A person to help us launch our products in a way that every single person in this world will know about them. We need... a Marketeer!

Experience is critical. We are looking for a person who has already shipped at least one commercial product. You need to know what closed-loop marketing and guerilla marketing are. Have an understanding of where game marketing is headed. AND have innovating ideas that include, but also go beyond, the trailer and press release. Having a cape is a bonus!

We love marketing. Let's do amazing, weird stuff together.

Required skills include:

  • Be able to do innovative game marketing.
  • ACTUALLY be able to do innovative game marketing.
  • Experience with at least one (successful) commercial title.

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