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Monsters Games LLC

passionately imagining new worlds


Game development in Greece is non-existent but our dream and passion of making games could not be subdued. We quit our jobs and decided to chase this dream by founding Monsters*. We are driven by our absolute love and belief in the medium. And we have great plans for the future!

*Fan Fact: Monsters was a placeholder name! It was supposed to change after the team was put together but we dove straight into gamemaking and forgot about our business identity. Over time we got used to it, so the name still stands!


Apocalypse Cow Press Kit [ download ]

a cinematic metroidvania adventure

In a troubled digital universe, a little girl will fight against all odds to reunite with her father. But can she weather the coming darkness?

A Cinematic Metroidvania

Enter an amazing universe and explore worlds rich in lore as Penny, a scrappy young girl who loves to call people on their bullshit.

Apocalypse Blog

12/29/20 Report from the Trenches
01/18/19 Status Update #1: Story is Dan
03/18/18 Announcing Apocalypse Cow for Xbox One

Story Behind the Development

When we started we didn't know much about game development - we just knew we had to create something the world would notice. I can't believe how young we were. But I guess time hasn't changed that... we still feel young at heart. And we're still after the same goal.

Apocalypse (Cow?) has been in development for over 7 years. Our love for this project kept us pushing it to become something special and now, after all this time, we believe we have something special to show.

Thank you for your patience and love over these years. We will soon fully reveal the new identity of Apocalypse Cow.

Production Credits

Voice Actors

Rachel Staman as Penny
Jennifer Tiles as Kevin
Takatsuna Mukai as Hikaro
Robin Egerton as Gordon, Apocalypse
Jon Armond as Wyatt, Bob & more

Development Team

Elias Koumoundouros Programmer
Alex Maniotis Animator, Level Designer, High Five of Awesome
Konstantinos Chtenelis Artist
John Koumoundouros Project Lead, Programmer, Writer
Christopher Balaskas External Concept Artist

Hybris press kit

an exploration puzzle thriller about solitude


Lately the nights seem a bit darker than usual. They conceal a threat... always feeling watched. Always feeling in danger.

You are Kevin, a teenager growing up in the outskirts of the Grove. You are living a solitary and difficult life - you have felt alone for as long as you can remember. One night, to escape your parents' fight you run off to your favorite spot up the hill. The only place where you can find serenity. When you witness a light filling up the sky you just know it; your world will never be the same again.


To survive in Hybris you have to analyze your environment, use your senses and overcome various obstacles, including your fear.

Gameplay is strongly tied with the narrative, an exercise in telling a complex story without dialogues. Animation, camera and music will be your narrators in this game.

Logo [ download zip ]

Development Start

Hybris was born out of a very atmospheric concept art. It communicated a sense of loneliness, isolation and danger in a very compelling way. We decided to create a game that would encapsulate those feelings and the best way to achieve this seemed to be a puzzle platform game. It would give the time to soak the atmosphere and force you to analyze your environment.

The game has evolved a lot since then. In fact it started as a 2d game but after a couple of months we decided to go the 3d route to gain camera freedom. Over time Hybris became darker, the story got rewritten, the central mechanics were changed. It now feels a different product. But those keywords, isolation solitude and danger are still the heart of Hybris, dictating our every decision.

Latest Development Blog Posts

11/05/14 An Update on Hybris
08/09/13 Hybris in first half of 2014

Screenshots [ download zip ]

Hybris Credits

Agelos Apostolopoulos Modeller
Alex Maniotis Animator, Game Designer
Austin Wintory Music Composer
Elias Koumoundouros Programmer
John Koumoundouros Project Lead, Game Designer
Christopher Stratos Concept Artist
Panagiotis Sainis Programmer