An intern's day at Monsters

in Life at Monsters Blog, posted on February 1, 2014

We have had a few interns over time and it was always an interesting experience. We do not accept interns easily. So is it worth the effort to get in? Recently Dimitris completed his internship as an environment artist and we decided to ask him a couple of questions...


Daniel and Alex playing ping pong

Briefly describe a day in the office

The day begins at around 10.15 (the privileges of working on creating art). As I open the door and enter the office I am greeted by my ever working colleagues! I start drawing almost immediately (hey, It's my passion after all) until 11.00 when Alex rings the bell and it's time for the famous stand-up! After everyone's progress report the true game begins! Hours pass filled with work, game sounds (we call it playtesting), sharing game news funny internet stuff and puns until it's time for our lunch break. Funny videos, Southpark and even documentaries (mostly about game history and development) are on the menu. Some times we even play ping pong after lunch!  Then it's back to work until I have to force myself to stop (did I say it's a passion ??) and start packing for home.


What did you learn from your internship?

How to play ping pong! Just kidding, I already knew that! I learned how to work as part of a team under a schedule and integrate my workflow to that of others. I had the opportunity to follow an art style already established by another artist and work on my cartooning skills which up to then I had never really tried. Last but not least I learned to accept criticism and guidance from people who I knew they wanted the best for me.


Is game development what you thought it would be?

Until I applied to Monsters for my internship I had never thought of working as an environment artist. I knew game development would be quite a run but in Greece? Wow those guys have guts! It's an energy draining process but it's all worth it when you see your work coming to life in the game! Plus the priceless feeling  when you nail it and create something that makes everyone laugh!


What would you suggest to someone who wants to intern in game development?

Be ready to overcome any setbacks and prepare for a great ride!


Any last thoughts?

I am very happy for meeting all you Monster guys and I hope the effort and energy invested in this initiative will pay back.

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